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The Arizona Asian American Association shall enhance unity, bring awareness to the public of cultural diversity, and address relevant issues, thereby strengthen the relationship between Asian Americans and the community at large.

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Congratulations to all our volunteers, cultural directors and production team members for another successful festival! Let’s get ready for 2020 and bring an even bigger cultural experience to Arizona!

Special Invitation from the Arizona Asian Association Team!

Commendation Award 2018

from AZ Gov Doug Ducey thru Executive Director Barry Wong

Asian Festival Planning Meeting

on June 23, 2019

Past Presidents Recognition of 2018

Year of Service: Somsangouane – 2007

Year of Service: Maribel Dillard – 2010-2014

Year of Service : Medeline Ong – Sakata 1990-1991

Year of Service: Choo Tay 1995-1996

Year of Service: Bernard Wu – 2001-2003

Year of Service: Ashok Jain – 1991-1992; 1993-1994

2019 -2020 Director / Officer List


President : Arthur Lin

Vice President : Keiko Conn

Secretary : Pualani Hokenhull

Treasurer : Alfred Carstens

Executive Directors : Thanh Mai Le, James Park

Directors at Large :

James Campbell, Al Carstens, Charmel de la Cruz,

Marie Cunning, Mei Garino, James Park,

Shaikh Shams, Rachel Misra

2019 Culture Director

Bangladeshi – Tauhid Rahman

Cambodian – Staphani Pich

Chinese – Flora Fang

Filipino – Asia Espiritu Dising

Indian – Dr Rachel Misra

Indonesian – Ursula Soesilo

Japanese – Keiko Conn

Karen – Aye Joy

Korean – Jee Nam

Laotian – Maniphone Lam

Malaysian – Chery Tamaru

Myanmar – Emily Chein

Nepali – Sara Hamal

Pacific Islander – Pualani Hokenhull

Pakistani – M Haroon Khamisani

Persian – Mitra Kamali

Taiwanese- Arthur Lin

Thai – Malai Isman

Vietnamese – Thanh Mai Le

2019 Director at Large

James Campbell

Marie Cunning

James Park

Thanh Mai Le

Al Carstens

Shaikh Shams

Rachel Misra

Charmel Dela Cruz

Mele Kramer

Mei Guarino

Festival Chair

Mia McCrary

CONGRATULATIONS to the newly inducted AAAA

2018-2020 Directors at Large

Thank you AZ Gov Executive Director Barry Wong for performing the induction

Beautiful Photos from the Festival