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Sponsors & Promotional


If you are interested in becoming our sponsor or take advantage of the promotional opportunities at our festival for your business. Please download and return to us the Sign Up Application form below (PDF los yog lo lus) hom


2017 Sponsorship Sign-up Application

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Advertising and Congratulatory Messages are welcomed for inclusion in the special 20th Anniversary Souvenir Program. Information on Size, Styles, and Costs are below.

The blue area represents the ad space for each price level – please note that ads can be full color, or black and white at a lower price.


DIRECTORS’ DISCOUNT: A 20% Discount off ANY AD is available for anyone who is referred from our AAAA Directors. Please mention that you would like theDIRECTORS’ DISCOUNT and 20% off for each ad placed will be honored (even for the $50 ‘business card’ size).


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