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2018 Souvenir Program Ad Application

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Place your Ad or Message inside the full color 2018 Souvenir Program and Event Guide for the 23rd Annual Arizona Asian Festival.

В 2017 Arizona Asian Festival drew more than sixteen thousand people. This year, an astounding nineteen (19) different Asian Cultures will gather at beautiful Scottsdale Civic Center mall for two days of celebration, образование, food and fun. Just like the enthusiasm, the number of attendees is sure to grow.

The full color 2018 Souvenir Program and Event Guide is a free publication to festival attendees, and a valuable guide to all that the festival has to offer. Festival goers find Schedules of Events for the Avenue of Cultures and the Asian Tea Garden. All stage performances of dance, fashion, song, acrobatics, and martial arts are detailed with photos. An educational guide to each of the participating Asian cultures ties all the customs to history and legend.

Be a Part of the Festival!
Promote your Business, School, or Organization
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Full Page: $300
Half Page: $160
Quarter Page: $90
Business Card size: $50