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Далучайцеся Да Нам

THANK YOU FOR JOINING USКалі ласка, загрузіце, print our paper form to mail in, please click the link below.

Click Below to Download

Arizona Asian American Association Membership Form


New Membership Application ONLINE form

AAAA Online Registration Form

You may also download our tri-fold informational brochure ВОТ for more information about our association.



  • $30.00
    for regular member
  • $40.00
    for a family
  • $15.00
    for student member
  • $150.00
    for Business Membership


Please send completed form with check payable to:

Арызона азіяцкай амерыканскай асацыяцыі
P.O. Скрыня 64864
Фінікс, AZ 85082-2224


    • Network with people inside and outside the Asian American and Pacific Islander
      community, including elected and appointed officials and community
      leaders to build personal contact and to help enhance business,
      professional and personal life.
    • Receive the AAAA newsletter periodically, as well as other mailings, invitations, або
      information which may be helpful to you.
    • Attend various social and cultural events, and an opportunity to get to know
      fellow members and different ethnic cultures.
    • Assist in unifying Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to form a broader
      organizational base.
    • Have a forum to address your concerns or problems regarding different issues in
      адукацыя, іміграцыя, family, занятасць, health and human services
      and civil rights, і г.д..
    • Participate in making recommendations to advance the position of Asian Americans and
      Islanders at local, state and federal levels, and vote on resolutions
      submitted at city, акруга, state and federal levels.
    • Be listed in the AAAA directory.
    • Participate in public hearings affecting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
    • Know that you have friends who understand you and are available to support and
      assist you with any problems you may encounter.

AAAA membership is open to any person regardless of race, рэлігія, gender,
нацыянальнасці або краіны паходжання.