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The AAAA was founded in early 1988 after a meeting of various Asian American and Pacific Island community leaders at Arizona State University. After a successful convention in May, 1988, the AAAA was formally adopted by about 500 convention attendees. The AAAA was incorporated in the State of Arizona as a non-profit organization in 1992. AAAA is widely recognized by city, округот, state and federal officials as well as by civic organizations. Our membership is increasing daily. We have accomplished many goals and we are pursuing more.



Од Аризона азиски Американската асоцијација ќе ја зајакне единството, донесе на свеста на јавноста за културната разновидност, и решавање на прашањата, а со тоа зајакнување на односите меѓу азиските Американци и на заедницата во целост.



Membership in this Association is open to any person, regardless of citizenship, race, религија, sex, националност или земја на потекло.



  • To provide an open forum for all Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders where they can express and share their concerns, problems and achievements.
  • To serve as a liaison in matters affecting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the areas of education, имиграција, вработување, здравје, human services and civil rights, итн.
  • To participate in public hearings involving Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, so that they can stay informed and interact with elected officials and other public figures.
  • To actively pursue the appointment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to different boards and commissions at city, округот, state and federal level.
  • To promote social and cultural events in order to share our ethnic heritage with other Americans and to foster public awareness of our cultural diversity.
  • To broaden our organizational base by organizing a massive membership drive in schools and the community at large.
  • To generate a database for expertise available within our community.
  • To publish an AAAA directory


Past Presidents Recognition of 2018

Year of Service: Somsangouane – 2007

Year of Service: Maribel Dillard – 2010-2014

Year of Service : Medeline OngSakata 1990-1991

Year of Service: Choo Тај 1995-1996

Year of Service: Бернард Ву – 2001-2003

Year of Service: Ashok Jain – 1991-1992; 1993-1994


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