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    You are invited to join the Arizona Asian American Association (AAAA). We extend this invitation to all people, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and other interested persons, so that together we can address common concerns, build unity among the various groups, make representations and make recommendations to local, county, state and federal governments. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

  • Membership Updates:

    New rates: $15.00 student. $30.00 Individual $40.00 Family. $150.00 Business

    Membership dues were due June 1, 2013 for the year 2014 (June 1,2013-May 31,2014) please fill out online app form and mail in payment.
    All new members who pay their dues March 1 to May 31 will be grandfathered in for the subsequent calendar year
    New secretary: Liem Huynh
    Old secretary: Holly Parsons

  • 19th Annual Arizona Asian Festival 2013 ~ November 8,9 and 10, 2013

    The Asian Festival will be held at the Mesa Arts Center (1 E Main Street, Mesa AZ 85201) in Mesa, Arizona. The Festival is filled with over 14 Asian Cultures and various Ethnic Foods. If you want to be a volunteer or vendor, contact Liem Huynh, email - Liem.Huynh@libertymutual.com or the Festival Chairperson, Maridith Esquivel by email - maridithesquivel@gmail.com

Arizona Asian American Association 19th Annual Asian Festival 2013 Committee

Arizona Asian American Association 19th Annual Asian Festival 2013 Committee

Maridith Esquivel

Mari Dillard

— o —

Committee Chairs

Keiko Conn
Artistic Director
Performance and Stage Design

Shiena Amigo
Cultural Stage Manager

Bianca Amin  and Barb Stout
Performance Team

Mai Ly Dong and Felicia Baron

Patricia Carstens
Avenue of Cultures Chair [Noune]

Amy Ho
Poster Design

Keiko Conn, Haidee Zmerslikar, Richard & André Tutman
Stage & Float Design

Al Carstens & Richard Tutman and André Tutman
Festival Logistics and Vendor’s

Jeannine Kuropatkin & Barb Stout
Poster and Poetry Contest Co Chairs

Charmel De la Cruz
Public Relations

Thao Tran
Souvenir Program Coordinator

Jennifer and Michael Lewis  of Chikka Design
Program Design & Printing

Mari Dillard & Brandon Polingyumtewa

Thao Tran

 — o —

Cultural Directors

Patricia Carstens
Laotian  [Noune]

Mahesh Shaw & Indira  Rajaram

Sam Huang

Achariya Weerasa
Thai  [Ying]

Diana Ho & Janet Wilks

Andy &  Ursula Soesillo

Mohammed Haroon Khamisani

Haidee Zmerslikar

Anthony and Ann Nguyen

 Thao Tran

Emily Chient

Salina & Lubna Tabassum